Meera Exports

Gifts Home Accessories

Paper Mache Boxes

  • Paper Mache Powder Boxes Crafted Around

  • Paper Mache Untersetzerset Round

  • Paper Mache Untersetzerset square

Pictures and Posters

  • Taj Mahal as a Gant Poster

  • Indian murals cotton Hindu motifs 75x50cm

  • Indian cotton murals Hindu motifs 100x75cm


  • Brass bell rope 65cm

  • Lampshade cotton dish 45cm

  • Lamp Shade Hanging Lamp 75 cm Cotton

Soapstone Crafts

  • Censers of pure soapstone 3 sizes

  • Soapstone Oil Burner Aroma Lamp 13cm High

  • Soapstone Figure Buddha